I'm stoked to let ya know I'm working with Samaritan (UnitedHealthcare Techstars
'20) as part of their marketing team!

The mission and process we have is incredibly powerful.

How often does society turn a blind eye to people living on the street?

There are a variety of reasons that happens too:

"How do I know my money is going to get used responsibly?"
"How am I gonna ever see or talk to them again?"
"Homelessness makes me uncomfortable"

Thankfully, Samaritan is answering these issues.

We built a mobile app that allows everyday people to give knowing that the money
is being spent on the needs and goals that the person and their case manager
decided on.

More importantly, Samaritan gives people a way to remind themselves that all
people have dignity, including people without housing.

You're able to send direct messages to encourage and develop a relationship with
the people you support on the app.

Many people experiencing homelessness talk about the social decay that comes
with homelessness.

Loss of trust.
Assumptions of irresponsibility.
Being condescended to by others.

This solution is going to be a major change to how we support and care for our
homeless neighbors.

I'll drop a link to download the app in the comments.

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Originally posted by Tyler Burch on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/tyler-burch