I'm gonna say a couple of things that might piss off half the group, but like I

I'm not in the SEO space as long as everyone else in this group, I learned
everything by experimenting, read only the very basics to have an understanding.
I started in 2015-16.

I'm not good at off-page SEO. Backlinking is not my game.

But I was still able to scale a few websites from nowhere to GETTING CONSTANT
LEADS ORGANICALLY(Notice how I wrote that in bold?)

Here are some of my findings:

1. Not all keywords are winnable: Know which ones aren’t, and don't even start a
strategy until you have finished your keyword research.

2. Create pages that are niche: Start with uber niche topics, start getting from
them, then go up the ladder. If your foundation is strong, it would be difficult
to outrank you.

3. SEO is creating high-quality content at scale. Maintain that minimum quality
bar. Don't run around creating 100 articles per day and simply spamming Google.
Everyone loves content that matters, content that is helpful.

3. Simple is better: Don’t overcomplicate. Explain things in the most simple

4. Traffic is a vanity metric. Traffic that converts is what you’re after.
Traffic is useless if you are not able to make money out of it. 100 traffic and
10 leads are way better than 100,000 traffic and 1 lead.

5. The faster your site is, the better. Your users don’t like slow websites,
Google doesn’t like slow websites.

In my next post, I'll bust SEO myths.

Itneich paisa mein, itnaich milenga

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