I’m always refreshing content (2-3 Weekly)

This process generated 203,117 additional visits. Here's how:

Most marketers focus on new content

But there's more to gain from existing content

It's MUCH easier to refresh a piece than create a new one

My process is two-fold:

Identify content. Refresh it

Here's how I find content that needs refreshing:

- Top performing content
- Content that loses traffic

You can get this information from Google Analytics

Log in > Behavior > Site Content > All Pages (filter by /blog)

The first report shows top content. Always keep that fresh!

If you compare the last 6 months with previous period, some content might lose
traffic. That content needs refreshing!

So, how?

I have a step-by-step checklist I follow

Here’s 3 ways to refresh content:

1. Change publish date. If the publish date is 2020, change it to 2021

2. Update title tag. Does it include an old date? Can you rewrite it to get more

3. Update statistics. Are the stats out of date? Has a new report been published
that you can reference?

Easy, right?

It only takes a few minutes to implement

Take a break from creating new. Spend more time on refreshing

P.S. I’ve included 5 more steps to refresh content in the first comment 👇