I love a bit of index flux analysis.

But how many people bother to check the cause? could it be cannibalisation?
could it be a quality issue with the URL or RD? With extended position index
fluctuation this is almost ALWAYS down to result cannibalisation - but, in some
cases, it can be a quality issue.

Using Pi Datametrics as part of my competitor analysis for clients, I am finding
SO many sites that have real cannibalisation issues and heavy index flux, often
for value terms with good CPCs behind them.

Do you analyse query level GSC average positions? are you getting fragmented
broken average positions with sudden peaks and declines? do you have more than 1
URL generating a fair proportion of impressions?

If so - then you are most likely a victim of competing pages which is BEYOND
damaging for any SEO campaign.

These issues are compounded on larger sites that regularly produce content
without vetting for existing query data in GSC.

Before you go writing that article, blog, service page or eCom category content,
go make sure that the query doesn't already return another internal URL and that
the content you intend to produce doesn't tread on the toes of what you already

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Originally posted by Daniel Foley Carter on LinkedIn
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