I'll skip Clubhouse in 2021.

Here's what I'll focus on:

Juicy case studies

Launching a newsletter (more than one actually)

Content distribution

LinkedIn (combined with everything above)

Now here's an example on how I combine all that:

Publish a case study

Post on LinkedIn about the case study

Send an email to the email list linking to LinkedIn post

Doing this ensures that in just a few days we get:

around 100k views on LinkedIn

at least 3k website visits

200-300 free trial signups (for our keyword research tool)

immediate $5,000 MRR boost

(we convert 12% trials into paid subs, AOV is $150)

This won't work if your content + product aren't great.

If they are, rinse and repeat.

What's your marketing strategy in 2021?

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