I'll risk invoking the ire of LinkedIn:

Pie charts aren't all that bad.

Here's where I think there is a legitimate use case.

When proportion is more important than absolute value.

It's easier to see that B&C combined are approximately 30% of the total sales in
the pie than on the bar.

Or that E&D comprise just less than a 25% than total sales.

Why is that?

People commonly cite the argument "we're bad at comparing angles so pie charts
are bad".

Thing is, we're actually quite good at comparing angles to 90 or 180 degrees.

If you can tap into that, then you might find a viable use case for pie charts.

I still don't really use them myself.

I like my pies warm and drizzled with cream.

The right example is clearly superior for comparing categories between each

But I just want to stand up for the poor pie chart, always the butt of the joke.

Disagree? Feel free to crucify me in the comments!

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