I learned from my competitors to build my business not once but every time.

Two decades ago when I started my first business e-commerce site. I registered
as a customer on top three competing e-commerce sites.

Those days e-com order numbers usually incremented by 1 not like these days big
alphanumeric. I use to place small order every month to get latest order number.
Compare that with the last month’s order number to find their business growth.
Based on that I use to set our targets.

When I started IT company, I use to go and meet competitors casually for coffee.
Almost every time I learned something indirectly.

After starting my fourth startup Dukanline. I personally met my competitors.
Just not in India alone but in Indonesia and Africa. I learned something from
every one of them.

Lesson Learned : Competitor is an Indirect mentor. They guide us indirectly. So
respect the competition rather than hating them. Learn from their mistakes while
sharing yours openly.

This is my "Public thanking note for my competitors" .

I am dedicating this post to all competitors through out my entrepreneurship for
guiding me indirectly.

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