I know, it isn't very easy for employers these days.
Many employers in many industries are struggling to keep their businesses
It is just that not many are seeing their ordeals.
Today, I felt like writing a message of encouragement to all employers out there
who are struggling and who are facing difficulties due to the present economic
Persevere! Try different strategies. This is the best time to reassess and
It is also the best time to revisit the Quality Management System and improve it
to match international best practices and standards.
Survival shall not only require continuous improvement and innovation but also
the respect of human rights and the Labor Law.
For this to happen, it is suggested to listen to the employees/workers & to have
an open door policy.
Eliminate discrimination & favoritism.
Renounce fraud, bribery & corruption.
Pay Zakat on time.
Donate to the needy when you see profits.
This is the way to stay in business and to prosper.
The employees need to play their part by sharing and caring.
Sharing includes contributions to continuous improvement & innovation.
Caring includes the understanding of what the company is going through & to work
on solutions to keep the business competitive. There is always another way to do