I know a lot of you are founders thinking about raising. Ever wonder what these
"IPO or bust" founders actually owned on IPO day?

Snowflake founder owned 3.4%, worth $1.1b

Salesforce - 31.6% worth $347m

Shopify - 14.6% worth $185m

Wix - 4.6% worth $35m

***but those were the BEST cases....

Wanted you guys to see first. Remember if you're trying to create
wealth/freedom, it's not always best to go VC raise --> IPO or bust route.

I know many of you sitting on $25m ARR companies, profiting $5m per year.

> You're making more over time in dividends
> keeping 100% of your biz
> have TOTAL freedom than all these IPO'd founders:

Sendgrid founder owned 6.9% at IPO, worth $10.3m
Ringcentral 19.6%, worth $19.1m
Brightcove 4.5%, worth $13m

Emailing out full report +excel w/ 60+ IPOs tomorrow.

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