I just finished an A/B test that increased free trial sign ups by 63%. The best
part? Only 35% of SaaS companies are using this technique.

It seems obvious now, too.

All SaaS marketers have a goal to increase sales-ready leads. Typically, it’s a
demo or trial.

Last week, I increased free trial sign ups by 63%.

How? By doubling the number of call to actions I use above the fold on the home

The website used to have one CTA (demo).

I introduced a second CTA (trial).

Over the course of 7 weeks, sign ups increased by 63%.

The results surprised me.

This got me thinking...

How many websites use 2 CTA's above the fold?

So, I analyzed 100 of the best SaaS websites to find out.

And I learned:

1. Only 35% use 2 CTA buttons above the fold.

2. Fast growing companies like HubSpot, Drift and Hey use their own brand name
in the CTA copy.

3. SaaS marketers are really bad at CTA copy. The 2 most popular are “Get
started” and “Start free trial”.

Will adding 2 CTA's work for you?

I don't know. But It's worth testing!

So, take at look at your home page.

How many CTA's do you use?

Just one CTA? Try adding another.

P.S. Want to see what the winning CTA copy was – along with a list of the CTA
copy used by the top 100 SaaS websites? Comment YES below.

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