“I joined the Facebook company as an individual contributor. Although I had some
experience leading teams, I wanted to focus on learning every aspect of the
business and how Facebook approaches recruiting. Now a team lead, I realize that
experience gave me the foundation to ensure my team always feels empowered and

Within engineering leadership, the most important question we try to answer is:
How do we build teams representative of the billions of people who use Facebook
Products? This often means asking hard questions. What isn’t working? Are we
asking truly inclusive questions? Are we ensuring fair representation in the
interviewing process? A lot of this comes back to holding ourselves accountable
to do something hard and following through on it every day.

People interviewing at Facebook often express uncertainty about joining an
American tech company while being based outside of the U.S. It’s important for
people to know there are a lot of products that have been built outside of Menlo
Park, and there is so much opportunity to make an impact. One example is the
work we did with the Integrity team in London to recruit more leaders. The work
they do is incredibly important to the world and I truly felt like I was making
a difference.” Zahra A., Recruiting Lead

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