I haven't seen Founders share their playbook for remote hiring at early stage

At BimaPe, we closed our 10th remote hire last week; couple of lessons we'd like
to share:

1. Write down a recruitment ethos 📜
- This document gives the interviewers in your team a document to reflect upon
before making a decision
At BimaPe, it is the PHD criterion i.e.
(i) Passion for your craft; (ii) Hunger to learn & (iii) Desire to improve

2. Test for culture & communication✍️
- Brainstorm a list of ~10 (non-work related) questions that your team would
like to ask the candidate
- Written responses provide insight into clarity of thinking & communication
skills (key for a remote team)
At BimaPe, we have a 'Future @ BimaPe' form (designed by Abraz - he can share it
if needed)

3. Running the video interview 🎥
- Ideally ~4 members of your team should be present (video on!)
- Two ask questions, two listen
At BimaPe, each interviewer sends (in writing) their observations to me (avoids
group thinking) & I share the anonymized version with everyone!

❓Vishrut, Eashan, Kunal & I will be happy to answer questions!

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Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn
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