I have worked with personal brands as well as tech companies this year to help
them with social media marketing.

As year 2020 is ending, I have come to realise that the difference between doing
social media marketing for the two is: people are trying to become brands and
brands are trying to be people.

This year we have seen brands becoming broadcasters, entertainers and educators
by putting their employees in front of a camera; by being seen as a company that
cares about their customers in these testing times.

The future of social media marketing is personal and you really can't ignore it
whether you are a business or a personal brand.

Stop playing safe as a business and embrace social media just like a creator
would. Showing real people in your content will only build more trust and
loyalty. What's the point of being a brand if it doesn't speak to it's customers
on video or audio?

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Posted by Preeti Pooja on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/preetipooja