I have heard “Good work, Edwin. Keep it up.” more times in the last month than
my entire 10 years of career before joining Branch International

I was conditioned over the last few jobs to not be appreciated for the tasks I
am paid to do. My body physically would be perplexed with the compliments. I
have had to learn to take a compliment at 33 🤦🏿‍♂️

Then I started noticing how the culture here has been designed to be
1. There is a ‘kudos’ channel on slack to appreciate a colleague which goes into
a feedback at the end of the year.
2. There are channels on slack to showcase things you are good at from cycling
to what you made to trying something new. And people are genuinely appreciative
of the things you do outside of work.
3. Every meeting ends with thanking someone who helped organised or lead it.
4. The entire leadership team celebrates progress(or learnings) and not just

It’s a paradigm shift from HRs doing a rewards and recognition program to ‘fix’
the motivation concern to creating an ecosystem where people feel valued as
active contributors.

A special appreciation to leadership and people team who have built this space
over the years. Sarah Tait , Ankit Kothari , Matthew Flannery , Daniel Jung ,
Seun Olafusi (PHRi) , Divya Sethi

Originally posted by Edwin Daniel on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/edwin-daniel-b24551b1