I have always had fun playing with behaviour.. So very entertaining it is..

"RS, you should feel ashamed of yourself seeking help all the time..." a
colleague in another function next door had really got pissed off when I wanted
to use his printer. Mine was under repair. It happened years ago in late 1980s.

"You want me to feel ashamed. Is it?"

Astonished with the way I had said it he just gaped at me. I continued,

"Fine. I am feeling ashamed. Really. I am. Trust me for this. Now, let me use
it.. Thanks.." and I went in and started working..

Outcome is important. It's about being self aware. It's about staying calm and
in control. You can't let others behaviour affect you. That is the key. You
can't waste time and energy arguing. In fact I could have felt bad and angry on
him I could have shouted,

"Tumhare ghar kaa nahin hai Printer. Company kaa kaam hai.."

He could have refused and opposed with full force. Would I have achieved what I
wanted? Never.

That's why? Staying in control helps.. It's good to be intelligently emotional..



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