I have always believed in power of partnerships.

This is so common in western world but yet to go big in Indian #startup

Look at how Spotify grew insanely using Facebook integration.

How PayPal leveraged eBay to grow.

How Crunchbase is growing by integrating its widget on LinkedIn.

This is how companies outside grow together.

Leveraging each other user base, offering unique integrations to users, adding
value to them & improving retention. All in one GO.

How many Indian startups have partnered to grow together? Can you share any

I encourage more & more companies here to look at partnership model and grow

One company I know that does this well is Freshworks.

Any more that you can name?

P.S: If anyone keen to partner with us for our contact finder tool Mr. E by
EasyLeadz and grow together, I am game, DM Me.