"I have a logo. I don't need a brand."

That's a sure sign you don't understand branding.

Buckle up for a quick lesson.


Most people see a brand as just the graphic deliverables:

- logo
- colors
- tagline
- copywriting
- tone of voice
- photography/graphics style

Things that any graphic designer or marketer can produce.

It's why you see web development, social media, graphic design, and copywriting
companies offering "branding services".

To them, branding = graphic deliverables.


Branding is an identity strategy.

Done well, it helps create and define your:

- Target market
- Position in the marketplace (are you the cheap or luxury brand)
- Company purpose and mission
- Pain points you solve
- Unique selling proposition
- Unified messaging (website, emails, marketing campaigns, sales)
- Minimal viable product
- Core benefit or impact
- Overall design
- Adjusting your business strategy

This is a brand.

And you won't get that from a graphic or web designer.

Start with your brand.

What most of you here on LinkedIn call your "foundation".

Then build out your deliverables.

You'll make more revenue with THAT kind of brand in place.