I have a little notebook that I started 3 years ago, where I write interesting
stats about my interactions on Facebook.
- 75% of people that send me a unrequested message asking for Coaching - never
reply to my 1st question
- 95% of people that pitch me a service, never engaged with me or researched
anything about who I am or what I do - they just pitched me
- 100% of the people that have no vowels in their name or last name I reject
during their friend request
- 100% of the times someone post "follow me on Clubhouse" a little baby Lion
dies in Africa.
- 50% of the ones that ask for a job, never follow me up when I ask them to
contact me in a few days.
- 100% of the ones that spam my FB groups, do it in more groups and have no idea
what group they are even spamming
- 100% of the people that send me a message with the word "energy" or "synergy"
they are just trying to sell me something
-60% of the ones that are going to buy my courses y courses - they don't
complete the training (but they end up buying another course that is pretty
similar to the one that they never finished)
- 100% of the people that get triggered by my posts, never end up inviting me to
their bdays, weddings or social warrior celebration parties.
That's FB stats for you

Originally posted by Gabriel Machuret on Facebook
link: facebook.com/gabriel.machuret.1