Even if I 10x someone's profit,

they might be unhappy with me.🤕

This has to do more with the kind of people that I work with.

I help startups with Digital #Marketing

and startup founders are passionate.🔥

Their startups are their babies.

Yes, they want their #startup to be first in class

But they also want it to have high morals

Their morals.💛

This happened with me.

I was producing great results.

Mind blowing results.🔥

But my client was unhappy with me.

I didn't know why.

And I still feel that they didn't know why.😵

I might have figured it out.

Startup #founders don't just have business goals

They also have personal goals for the business

They might want to feel like captain Jack sparrow.🏴‍☠️

They might want to change the world.🗺️

Yes I may have increased the revenue

But if they don't feel like captain anymore

They might not like me that much.😒

✔️As consultants, it's our job to help them identify their marketing goals

✔️As collaborators, it's our job to identify their personal goals for their

2 real examples of this in the comments.

I'm sure they'll help you understand this better.🙌

- Ishaan "Goal-den" Shakunt 🥇

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