I hate the Wolf of Wallstreet!

Aside from being an entertaining movie, the damage it did on sales culture is
something I see everyday as it portrays con-artists as sales professionals!

I learned from some of the best (true) sales professionals the following lessons
early on in my career:

1. "We are not in the business of tricking customers" - your clients may/will
have a problem, and you are trying to help them fix it.

2. "No one ever sold anything" - don't fool yourself into thinking you sold a
product to someone ...your clients make a conscious decision to buy...you are
just there to guide them.

3. "Walk away from deals" - if your product doesn't fit or if the value isn't
there - be clear with the client on your products limitations because your brand
is more important than your target.

4. "If you won't buy it, don't sell it!" - I stumble on many "ruthless" sales
teams who are target driven and successful in selling products they would never
buy because for them its all about what you hide from the client.

If you are a sales leader, please help stop this terrible culture with your

If you're product isn't selling don't push harder...fix your product!

#sales #itsallaboutthepeople

Originally posted by Nour El Din H. on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/noureldinh