I had tried experimenting with content on the platform, specifically to test how
LinkedIn's algorithm treats link in the post. And here is what I found.

12 hours after I wrote a post (the most inarticulate one I've ever seen)
directing people to a linkedin article, with the links in the comments, the
views on that were already over 8k. Whereas, a post which had the link in the
main body reached 12k, in over 36 hours.

What is my learning from that. LinkedIn doesn't promote long form articles
because the algo cannot discern between links to the outside world and links
within the platform.

Another interesting thing. ~20% of the views on my article came in the last 12
hours. Which to me says that, while the reach for posts is great, the inherent
friction in accessing the links from the comments, and then reading a 6 minutes
article, is probably not why people come to LinkedIn for! Or(a more plausible
explanation), my content is simply not good.

Anyway, to test that premise, I'm gonna set up a page for my in depth analysis
on everything business, marketing and analytics. Of course I will continue to
share the key highlights here on LinkedIn, but for the what-s and the Why-s
you'll need to visit the link.

P.s: This is not because LI poorly catalogs articles!

Posted by Kamalika Poddar on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/kamalika-poddar