I had had a keen interest in Digital Marketing for a long time. I tried to look
upon the internet, watched youtube videos, followed blogs, but without a proper
mentor and his vision, everything seemed like a blurry road.
There were so many topics, so many streams, Google ads, SEO, SMM and more, and I
had no idea where to start!
But then I got an email about the ‘Digital Deepak Internship Program’; I didn’t
think much about the email, and with the thought that it could be my golden
chance to have an actual Digital Marketing mentor, I signed up for the program.
I had no expectations from the email; I didn’t even believe I would be selected
to be an intern under arguably the most prominent Digital Marketing wizard of
India! After a few days, I got an invitation to the ‘welcome’ webinar, and I was
excited. To be shortlisted for an internship under someone like Digital Deepak
felt like an achievement in itself.
The ‘welcome’ webinar made the internship program look ‘too good to be true,
“how can it be possible that someone will pay to teach us?”, “How will the
cash-flow work?” “So is he going to take our money and give it back? Does that
make him Robin hood?”
All these questions were circling my mind, and I had to be sure before sending
in my money. I watched different review videos read Quora answers, and when I
couldn’t find anything negative, I signed up for the program!
Everything about the program was unreal!
The energy in the group, group members, mediators and our admin, Digital Deepak
The video lessons were on point, depth and production quality both increased
gradually as the weeks passed. Every week our mentor would deliver a banger, and
we would sit back and try to soak in as much knowledge as we could.
The work put in the making of each video was visible, and every week DD would
blow us away with his knowledge and depth.
The assignments we got every week constantly challenged us to do better and push
ourselves outside the comfort zone.
I loved the overall growth I had without even noticing; I just completed my
assignments, and I was a ‘T-shaped’ Digital Marketer in only 12 weeks.
There wasn’t a single bad aspect of the DDIP, but the best part for me was to
get to know the brains behind the brand Digital Deepak, to get to know the real
Deepak Kanakaraju. To hear him talk about his experiences and lessons was more
helpful than most of the Digital Marketing tutorials out there!
Here’s to the 12 weeks of knowledge and growth! May the brand Digital Deepak
keep growing and if you are a beginner thinking whether to join the DDIP or not,
make up your mind already, brother, because if you won’t, someone else will. —
Deepak Kanakaraju

Originally posted by Deepanshu Tandon on Facebook
link: facebook.com/groups/608111902665009/user/100004790596233/