I had a 45-minute meeting with a sales manager.

His company lost many customers to competitors.

It was an odd feeling, considering the investment they made in the business.

During our lunch date, we analyzed his sales report.

One thing struck me.

He didn't have a dashboard or a birdseye view of their digital shelves

For example,

He couldn't tell when their products were out of stock,

If resellers used the right product description & images,

If their products are in the right categories on reseller channels,

Or if any product has a broken link,

Or a 404 page, typically when resellers update their sites.

So I made a bold statement:

If you want to keep your customers, you must serve their needs.

Analyze & optimize your digital shelves on retailers' sites & marketplaces to
boost visibility.

"I understand you are busy."

That's why companies like Detail Online help to monitor your digital shelves.

Their AI-powered auditing technology makes it easier-

-to Identify threats & find sales opportunities.

Because if you don't seize these lost sales opportunities, someone else would.

Wouldn't you want to stand out from the fierce competition in the #eCommerce

And prevent your clients from switching to competitors?

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