I got to review quite a few resumes recently.

There are few common mistakes that I noticed.

If you’re looking for a job, this might help you.

7 things you need to avoid in a resume:

❌ Putting your display picture.

❌ Putting all your personal details.

❌ Putting a brief summary/objective.

❌ 2 Page resume.

❌ Too many white-spaces.

❌ Not mentioning your academic scores.

❌ Typos in the content.

Keep in mind that a recruiter usually spends around 15-20 seconds scanning your

Make it eye-friendly.

A resume is just meant to give a brief idea to the recruiter about your

💡 Academic performance

💡 Internships/job experience.

💡 Projects.

💡 Skillset.

💡 Extra Curriculars

💡 Other achievements (if any)

A resume should be able to arise some curiosity in the minds of the recruiters.

They should be wanting to know more about you.

That way,

You can even drive the interview in your favour,

By talking more about whatever you’ve written in your resume.

Doing this would take you many steps closer to your dream job.

If you too wish to get your resumes reviewed by me —

Drop a comment #resume below and send your resume to my gmail address.

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Aviral Verma

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