I get sales pitches from LinkedIn lead gen agencies everyday.

Most claim how their service generates actual bottom line results.

Meetings. Sales & consultation calls.

How they don't rely on content marketing & vanity metrics like likes, comments &

I get it.

If you're not generating actual trackable revenue from your marketing channels-

You're doing a bad job.

The truth?

Content marketing does affect the bottom line.

But it's not a short term game.

It's about creating original authentic content that creates brand awareness.

Nurturing your prospects constantly with value.

Earning mindshare.

So that when they finally need your services, your LinkedIn profile is the first
place they look.

The challenge?

Building an audience takes time.

Even with LinkedIn's stellar organic reach.

LinkedIn is no longer the place where well-written optimized posts go viral left
& right.

The algorithm has matured.

It rewards consistency.

Value. Engagement (yeah- those vanity metrics like comments, likes & shares).

The question isn't whether content marketing works or not.

Content marketing has always worked, and will continue to.

The question is whether you're in it for the long-game or not.

Are you?

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Posted by Adi Suja on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/adisuja