I get it: there is ambiguity in the definition of #maas.

In fact there are several research papers dedicated to the the fuzziness of what
#mobilityasaservice actually entails. One was published in 2017, back then
researchers found 9 core characteristics, see table below.

In October 2020 a new paper in IATSS was published, concept still murky. But the
researchers found that #maas "should consider at least: multiple modes of
transport (public and private), one single application, user-oriented approach,
mobility packages, real-time information, multimodal journey planner and payment

Both the table and the above statement ring true for me.

Can we just agree do not put #maas on every #newmobility slide just because it's
the #shinynewthing that everyone is chasing?

Link to research articles in comments.

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Posted by Sandra Phillips on LinkedIn
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