I finally bought Nichesss. Guess why?
Ironically, I still think Nichesss has a very long way to become a company, and
it operates in a category that is going to get heavily infested with clones
which won't be different from each other.
But I think
Malcolm Tyson
is a very forthright person who deserves all the help he can get to try and
succeed at this.
But as an entrepreneur myself there is an internal drive to help other
entrepreneurs succeed and I will do whatever I can to help him get there.
What converted me finally to a customer was the fact that Malcolm didn't shy
away from the copied material that Nichesss was throwing out because of how
GPT-3 inherently works, but tried to get an answer to his users problems, as
fast as he could. As an early founder, this is a critical skill to look for and
appreciate because the only people who win this game are folks who are laser
focussed on product and user.

Originally posted by Kamonasish Aayush Mazumdar on Facebook
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