I don't work for my boss, I work for myself.
Told a friend during a conversation.

I didn't understand. Can you elaborate?
I replied

My boss expects me to notify him of every small issue.

He wants to see my visibility, but I, on the other hand, believe in working
- the friend replied

What about your appraisal then if you didn't have the visibility?
- I asked curiously.

I was given an average rating.
He laughed

Isn't it a sad thing?
I asked

No. Because I kept on learning things and focused on gaining more skills.

Eventually, I got a 50% hike elsewhere.
- he replied happily.

But I still work for myself and not my boss.
- he said confidently😀

Got it, sir, you are great!
I replied

**If you work to please your boss, you will have short-term growth.

If you work to enrich skills, certainly your growth would be long term**


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