I don't recommend being an entrepreneur.

Truth is, I've had a damn hard rope to walk.

I failed countless times.

I made bad hires.

I ignored internal fires.

I got in way over my head in debt.

It took years of pain.

And a lot of patience

To find the right people—

Those who were willing to build the business with me,

To grow and succeed with me.

Along the way, I lost big clients as I failed to serve them right,

But I kept learning.

I poured my time into making their experience better.

I never gave up—

Never will.

When making it another month seemed impossible...

I'd go all-in.

And when my team saw that,

My fire— my crazy spark that can't be put out.

They'd do the same in return.

I saw them dedicate all their energy to the company,

To this mission, we built together.

And it kept me going. It still keeps me going.

To be an entrepreneur?

There's no being "ready" for every obstacle,

Especially the failures that are your own doing.

The only way forward is to keep trying,

Believing in yourself

And believing in your team.

Your path will be lonely,

So, gather a tribe of people around you who share your vision.

They'll hold you up when things get heavy,

They'll cheer alongside you when you win.

Together, you’ll end up somewhere great.