I don’t care whether you come into the office at 10 am.
I don’t care if you choose to work from home or not.
I don’t care if you work from the garage while they fix your car.

I hired you for a job and I trust you to get it done. Just let me know what you
need from me to be successful in your role. And I will show up for you.

Life happens!
You don’t need to justify to me why you need a day off.
You don’t need to explain how sick your child is to leave early.
You don’t need to apologize for having a personal life.
Yes, I care about results but I also care about you. We are all human and we are
all adults. I lead people. I don’t run an adult day care center.

Amazing thoughts, wish every leader has this philosophy. Copied with thanks from
Alex Harvey’s LinkedIn wall 🙏🏽

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