I bought ClosersCopy about two months back when it was launched and I must say
that it's quite unique (read further to know why). It has a clean UI, excellent
UX and I'm loving it so far!

ClosersCopy helps you to learn and also sharpen your copywriting skills. Sure,
you can study all the copywriting books out there (my favourites below, in no
particular order):

1. Ca$hvertising (Drew Eric Whitman)

2. Breakthrough Advertising (Eugene M. Schwartz)

3. The Boron Letters (Gary Halbert)

4. 7 Figure Marketing Copy (Sean Vosler)

5. Copywriting Secrets (Jim Edwards)

But even after having read all these copywriting classics, the real challenge
comes when the tire hits the road! You finally sit down and attempt to create
your masterpiece (sales copy/emails/ads/etc). Your mind goes blank despite all
the lessons from those great copywriting legends! Where do you start? Which
copywriting methodology do you use - Problem-Agitate-Solution,
Before-After-Bridge, 4 C's, 4 U's, AIDA? etc, etc, etc.

Then again, you could make use of AI / GPT-3 (nichess, copysmith, copy.ai) to
write your copy. However, your copy is completely devoid of "human emotions" to
be able to effectively connect with your target audience.

If the above resonates with you, check out ClosersCopy, a tool that helps you
learn and master copywriting.

Let's get one thing clear right off the bat! If you're a person who just wants
done-for-you copy, this is definitely NOT for you. Just go and get other
template-based copywriting tools like AutomaticScripts ($164), LeadScripts ($97)
or Funnel Scripts ($797).

Instead, if you want a tool that helps you to master copywriting skills by
showing you tips-and-tricks during the entire copywriting process/journey, get
ClosersCopy. Using ClosersCopy is akin to having a copywriting mentor looking
over your shoulder to guide you as you produce your winning masterpieces.

WARNING: This LTD is only available for 1 more day. Go grab it if you think it
is useful for you.

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