I average 5,617 views per post.

But, lately I've been averaging 9,243 views. How? 👇

When I first started, I was getting 1,000 to 2,000 views per post.

But when I scroll through my recent posts, it's clear why specific posts worked
so well.

It’s because I used this framework

Lately, I’ve used it more frequently and it has helped my posts generate 15,000
views, 20,000 views and in one case – 43,000 views!

Here’s my framework:

1. Start with a number. My posts typically use a number in the first 1-2 lines
(I ❤️ statistics)

2. Why “See more”? Lines 2-3 are super-important. I try to make sure my posts
pique your curiosity. If not, it fails

3. I take a step back and tell my part of the story. Usually 2-3 sentences to
show you where I’m coming from. To provide more context

4. My content has to be practical. I want you to read it and implement something
immediately. That's how I know I've succeeded

5. I end with a quick summary of what the post was about

That’s it.

That’s my 5-step framework

It’s helped me go from 1,000 views to 9,000 views. Per post

Why am I sharing this?

I’m on this platform for one reason:

To help as many people as I can

If I can reach more people, I can help more people

We both win

What's your framework?

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