I assumed that this is relatively common knowledge, but I keep on getting
surprised when I interact with folks who are not aware.

Almost all the corporate awards people flaunt on LinkedIn are paid for!

“Best CIO”, “Best Startup”, “XYZ Achiever” etc.

If you pay attention, most of them, you too will wonder, especially if you know
the person/company or rather why the others you know who are much better were
not awarded.

Most of these award companies can customize and create award categories just for

Sometimes, they disguise the award’s payment by asking you to attend the
expensive award show and make money from the event tickets.

I get emails regularly asking me to nominate myself or Coditas for the same. I
earlier used to wonder why people would fall for it. Then I end up seeing people
I know (and used to respect) getting the ‘award'.

It is a well-established marketing practice to buy the awards, for eyeballs, ego
massaging, and create a false perception of a brand.

I respect legitimate businesses (which, in this case, they might be), but this
is misguiding a large audience, and they make money by no real value creation.

I can start naming, but it is almost all of them.

I would instead like to know a list of awards that are not paid for.

Any you know?

Posted by Mitul Bid on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/mitulbid