I love how the team is self-managing their weekly tasks. I am probably the worst
person to follow up with each person's task. I usually forget the task they need
to do, I forget when to talk to them.


has been growing very fast in the last year and sometimes I don't know who is
doing what.

In the beginning, this used to make me feel very bad….but I changed that

I love to be the worst manager in the world because I work with the best team in
the world!

A few things that have changed my life and how I manage my team.

1. Recognition is the key to keep success

2. Understanding the flow of energy of each person

3. Organizing and planning makes life much easier

4. Each individual is their own CEO and doesn't need to be managed.

5. Freedom is a must and it brings creativity

I would like to know which tools do you use to run your remote business and how
you do it.

We run the weekly meeting on Word ( not the best option but … ) We are thinking
to put


, we tried Asana / Jira / Trello but we did not like it.

We are using slack, but we are just about to change to Discord….

Well, if you have any ideas on how I can be the BEST MANAGER OF THE WORLD I
would love to check them out.

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