I am proud to say that I can finally sit at the adult table of career coaches

As through my interview prep, I helped a client land at a top tech company

7+ months of building my brand and confidence in my services led me to this

When I connected with this professional she told me she needed interview prep
help, which I've done numerous times; however when she told me it was for this
top tech company, that's when the imposter syndrome kicked it.

🔹 I've never worked at a top tech company before, would I be able to help her?
🔹 I have never been a recruiter at these companies so don't know what they are
specifically looking for during the interview process

She never questioned my credentials during our consultation call, so I shouldn't

The interview was in a few days consisting of 4 rounds on the same day so we had
to get to work immediately to ensure she was well prepared.

I threw every bit of critique and advice I could possibly give based on my
analysis of her performance.

A couple weeks later via Email, she told me she got the job.

This client win solidified and validated my ability to help professionals with
their career regardless of where ever they are looking to go!

Go and set those goals for 2021 and achieve them!

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Posted by Max Chan on LinkedIn
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