I am proud to be a member of StartupTalky.

It all started with my "daily" post as moderator and hashtag #ASKrakeshSIDANA in
Nov, 2017 when I requested

Shubham Kumar

make me "moderator" just because my posts were not approved "in-time" and i had
to ping the team to check and get approved. I knew the team had difficulty to go
throw all posts, read them and then approve. I was impatient "writer" who can't
wait. Shubham accepted my request and I promised to keep posting great material.
I posted over 100+ questions answers, some got great attention. Then i wanted
giveaway StartupTalky with using its LOGO on my 3rd book StartupTalky Startup
Never Fails ( available at Google eBook) and around 300+ users downloded free
from my site. One day, me and Shubham were talking about improvement and i
suggested few thing, that worked and community reached 50,000 active per DAY.
And i was applouded and felt thankful. Fast forward, I requested the team to
organize the First get-together under my series of session ( recently at
Bangalore). I am proud to be a member of StartupTalky. Thanks everybody for
making this community useful. (PS: Unicorn will born here)

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