I am conflicted about this data localization policy in India: there seems to be
a carrot in there but why the stick?

This MEDICI Global piece captures the essence of the issues -
https://lnkd.in/eTr9tXD - I'm curious what #InnerCircle members think about

There's a good faith effort to engage w/ the #FinTech community & also some
budgetary allocations for incentives for new data centers, but why the

Of course, data privacy/security is important, and I am a big fan of the
infrastructure investments that Reserve Bank of India (RBI) & National Payments
Corporation Of India (NPCI) have made to catalyze the industry, but #BigTech
should be clamoring to invest MORE in Indian tech infrastructure rather than
take a tentative posture due to restrictive policies.

If a bad actor REALLY wants to hack into a data center connected to the
internet, how does it matter where in the world it is located?

Perhaps I am not sufficiently informed on the rationale or the strategy here, so
open to learning more.

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Anand Kanvaty Amit Goel Navin Surya Dr. Deepak Kumar Swagata Gupta

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