1. You must have your YouTube channel and your channel must have some videos on it that can explain your services. You can also work on videos that can provide guidelines to your audience.
  2. You must create some basic videos and a combination of advance videos as millions of users available on videos platforms
  3. Get featured by big YouTubers for brand exposure and it could become one of the best resources of lead generation. But featuring must be niche specific.
  4. Remarketing campaigns like YouTube Skip ads and Facebook video ads for retargeting. As per the industry, you opt for videos and in my case testimonials work like a charm. In the case of co-working and other niches, virtual tours or informative videos work.
  5. On landing page videos helps in better conversion as it gives a detailed overview of the product and service.
  6. You can do live on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Facebook groups. It helps in getting your user's attention.
  7. Small clips with a strong message and education videos help in conversion
  8. The webinar is becoming the primary source of lead conversion and furthering via nurturing it you can get the benefit.

Suggest your way of generating leads via Video marketing