How VCs Characterize SaaS Founders as Amateurs 🧐

Knowing how to impress VC investors can completely transform your company.

Even though I’ve founded 5 SaaS companies, I’ve only raised VC funding for two
of them, and I've seen this from different perspectives:

The last thing SaaS founders want is to look like amateurs in front of potential

These are the behaviors you would never want to do when pitching to a VC firm:

❌Showing up late
❌Not being aware of the competitive landscape
❌Bringing non-key employees into the pitch meeting
❌Changing your company’s valuation based on VC impressions
❌Not researching the VC you are presenting to
❌Asking for funding for a ‘sales process’
❌Not knowing your core metrics
❌Being too arrogant

These are the insights of Jason Lemkin, the managing director of a $90 million
venture capital firm.

Did he miss something there?

What are some things you think amateur founders do?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this! 👇 👇

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Credit: Jason M. Lemkin

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