There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers.

But not all are successful.

Not because there is so much competition.

Not because they don’t have SEO knowledge.

The primary reason is the content!

And I am saying this as an avid reader of blogs.😃

You see, many digital marketers start a blog with the intention of earning money. Sometimes that intention is so strong that they miss the basic things.

What are the basic things?

Knowing the audience.

Solving the problem.

Therefore, you need to research first and focus on content.

Take any popular well-earning blog, and you will find its content amazing, problem-solving in other words.

So how to write an excellent blog which people won’t ignore and keep coming back?

Here are some tips –

1) Write a captivating headline. Use numbers if listicle or What, How etc.

2) Create an outline before writing.

3) Use stats and link to authoritative resources.

4) Use images whenever possible.

5) Use bullet points. Work on formatting.

6) Use subheadings.

7) Don’t write lengthy paragraphs.

8) While reviewing products don’t use salesy language like “ You’ll, you can”. Use conditional language like “ if, might, could” etc.

9) Use a conversational tone. Ask questions frequently.

10) Don’t use filler sentences.

Burj Khalifa is fantabulous, but have you ever wondered about how strong its foundation would be!?

I hope you got my points

All the best. Rock the show! ❤️️