Let's accept. Marketing is tough.

No matter how much you try to compete hard to beat your competitor's features/benefits/price, it seems to be not enough for your prospect to say yes to you.

That's why having a "Trojan Horse" is the shortcut.

You can hide your weakness and win marketing wars even if your competitor seems unbeatable.

If you don't use the Trojan Horse, you will always be frustrated with lengthy sales cycles and rejections.

But, if you do have the Trojan Horse, marketing and sales will be effortless.

The reason why the Trojan Horse strategy worked was that it was something the opponent has never seen and it was a representation of their victory.

In Marketing, The Trojan Horse is this:- "Creating "New Words" your prospects have never seen before" and a representation of their victory.

I will give you an example of this from a very popular advertising campaign from Durex.

They called their condoms "Mutual Climax" condoms

And, those two words were something their prospects have never seen before and represented victory for them.

Imagine yourself going to a medical shop for getting a condom, which one will you choose when you see those two words?