How to use keywords effectively in 2021?✍️

Let’s see.

What would you search for if you want to buy a PS5 in India?🎮

‘When can I buy a PlayStation 5 in India?’

The second option.
People who are more likely to convert don’t just search for generic keywords
such as ‘PlayStation’ (although they have an overall higher search volume).💁

They go for much more specific queries and keywords to look for the thing (s)
they want to buy.

You get the idea, right?

Remember this-

Smart devices with ‘voice search’ features are becoming popular.💻

This means customers are increasingly getting inclined towards voice-based🔉 and
long-tail keyword searches.
So how should you write your content?

-Be more conversational. Write as if you’re addressing directly to an individual

-Don’t put everything related to dogs and cats on a single page. Be more
specific in the issue you are addressing.

Although these long-tail keywords have relatively low search volume- their
conversion rate is really high.👠

Pro tip: Use ‘Ubersuggest’ or ‘Answer the Public’ to find such keywords.

What do you think? Have you tried this before?
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Posted by Shubham Gupta on LinkedIn