How to start a company/startup

1. Find a problem and develop an MVP that solves that problem. It does not need
to be perfect

2. You need not setup a company, you can start as a consultant. After getting 2
or 3 paying customers, setup a company.

3. You need a good team. If you can’t afford one, have a co-founder who has
skills that complement yours. In my case I have skills to get leads and clients
but I needed a manager who can manage all the work. So I got a partner to manage
all the client work.

4. Find you first paying customers. As your body needs oxygen to survive,
similarly your business needs money. It’s the lifeline of your business. I used
to cold email 500 people daily and posted content on linkedin daily for 60 days
to get initial customers.

5. Hire as soon as your plate is full

6. Create a automated lead generation system through paid advertising as soon as
you start getting profitable

7. Understand that most of the money you make will be invested back in business.
So you might have to work without a salary for the first 6 months or so. Till
that time manage cash flows, focus on revenues and spend where you need to.


Originally posted by Naval Gupta on LinkedIn