How to measure our Progress in life?

Before we do that, let us look at the dimensions we would like to measure.

1. Mind: Measuring the progress of your mind is tough. When we are young it
would be how fast we learn & when we get older it will be how fast we unlearn.

2. Body: Health & fitness can be simplest thing to measure. Probably this is
where most people fail. We need to take care of the body we live in.

3. Soul: There could be 2 parts to this. Our connection with our self & Our
connection with others. This requires our time & also our intent.

4. Wealth: This is what the world is after so let us put this here as well.

Now the 6 metrics, we could measure:

1. How many new things we learnt in a year?
This gives me joy:)

2. How many habits/things we unlearnt in a year?
This is where I struggle a lot.

3. How many steps we take everyday?
I now do 8,000 steps a day but consistency is the key

4 How many hours everyday we spend with ourself?
This is the "ME TIME"

5. How many people we help & give freely to everyday?
Giving is powerful.

6. How long can we survive without earning any money?
This does not depend on the money we earn but what we spend.

What are your answers?
What other metrics would you use?
Where are you stuck?

Posted by Sandeep Kochhar on LinkedIn