How to market SaaS to FRANCHISES?

The market for our SaaS is children's entertainers / party agencies.

There are very few potential 'corporate' clients in this industry. The vast
majority are ether solopreneurs or have a small team of subcontractors.

One area we do have potential for larger ticket prices, is franchises. We
currently have one very happy (relatively small) franchise on board, with our
platform used across each of their 10 branches.

Would love to hear any suggestions and advice from others who have successfully
sold to franchises.

What's your model?

- Single contract with the franchise - to cover the number of accounts needed
for their franchisees.

- Partnership with the franchise - They are essentially an affiliate, getting
commission for the franchisees they 'refer' to you.

- Something else

What's your outreach approach?

- Reach out to individual franchisees first, to build a case to present to the

- Reach out directly to the franchisor

- Something else

What's your ice-breaker?

- Old fashioned introduction

- Free / reduced price pilot

- Free / paid consultancy

- Free resource / tool

- Something else

Posted by Adam Barrett on Facebook