How to Increase Conversion(App Downloads ) for fantasy games,earn money games
like dream 11,winzo

Just Watch the Video How smartly has done it

When user tap on Download button chrome browser Shows a warning and because of
the warning many users get afraid what might happen to thier phones and this
leads to lesser conversion
What Zuppee has done as soon as you press the download button is redirected to a
page with video message so you are seeing warning message but in background
Zuppee video starts playing saying there is no harm in downloading the app go
ahead 50lakhs have downloaded this app giving user #assurance no harm will be
done if you download this app and because of that video users feel no harm in
downloading the app and they download the app.

What % of increase in conversion Zuppee might be seeing my guess is 5-10%

Comment Down What Conversion Increase Rate a Fantasy Games Startup can Achieve
with this strategy.

P.S - Zuppee Used Hindi as thier medium of language because they know thier user
are from tier 2,tier 3 cities,
Knowing Your #Customer should always be no 1 priority while building a

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