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Post 40: I am an #Introvert;I can’t build communities

I have written 39 posts in this series, covering benefits of communities & how
to build them

Some of you may have been encouraged to build communities - either around a
product or around your interest or cause

Congrats 🎉

Some of you might be introverts & might think of it as an hurdle in building

To tell you an open secret,I am a BIG introvert!

You might think that after having a career of 2 decades in Sales,Channel &
alliances and having build multiple communities,I would have got “rid” of my

But no,I am still a big introvert

Growing up,I used to talk to very limited people

I used to run away seeing girls 😄

I could hardly talk to them

Girls of my class like Meenakshi Verma Jyotishree Shalini E. can attest to that

Forget girls,I could hardly talk to guys outside of my close friend circle

But I was good in 1:1 relationships

As I moved to sales, alliances & then to community building,I kept the same

Build deep 1:1 relationships with those in your community

Talk to them,understand them,have fun with them,help them

Scale this & you would have learnt the art of building authentic & caring

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