How to generate leads through your blogs?
Most brands write blogs for search engines and most writers learn about blogging
from articles written to rank on search engines.
Either you write for search engines, or you write for leads. Don’t mix these
two, at least not when you have can’t show off any writing awards.
How to write lead-generating blogs require a human touch?
1. Review your audience and their intentions.
2 Define their problem: SHOW them and remind them exactly what they face every
3. Describe what your solution is and what are its most unique benefits for
4. Demonstrate how they can get those benefits. Don’t be technical about it
5. Add proofs of results
6. Add the CTA
Tie them into a small 3-5 sentence brief. That’s the introduction of your
Write at least 3 detailed sections for each of these, that’s the body content of
your article.
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Originally posted by Navin Israni on Facebook