How to find SaaS/marketing blogs that accept guest posts?
I’m often asked.
Here’s a strategy that I use (as I help SaaS tools with their content writing
and guest posting):
A. Enter the primary and secondary keywords in Google.
B. The results would either your competitors, synergistic websites, industry
websites or review publications like G2Crowd.
C. The competitor are eliminated.
D. Go to the blog section of the remaining outlets and review their posts for
the last 3 months.
E. If they’re open to accepting guest posts, you’ll find them in their past few
F. Else, reach out to them - either company, founders or team members
(preferably content manager/CMO) - on Twitter or LinkedIn and ask if they’re
open to a guest post.
G. During the outreach, you could share a tentative topic + key pointers so that
they know you’ve done your research.
Hoping it helps.
Good luck. 😀
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