How to ensure your Coaching Business never fails?

Most Coaching Businesses fail
Because they are not able to acquire new customers consistently.

They rely too much on organic marketing and are afraid of investing money on
paid ads.

Organic marketing may help, but only in the short term

I remember I solely relied on organic marketing to generate leads and one day
the platform changed it's algorithm.
Suddenly all my organic reach died and I was not able to generate leads

So the best way to survive is to create an automated lead gen system to get

So how can you make this system for your coaching business:

✅ Step #1 - Create a FREE Lead Magnet
✅ Step #2 - Run paid ads to promote it
✅ Step #3 - Email those leads regularly with valuable content and encourage them
to book a discovery call.
✅Step #4 - Once you've got a client or two from this method, you can turn your
ads back on and keep working that system.
✅ Step #5 - Set up a paid workshop (with a limit of 10 people) and charge ₹1000.
Promote it within your email list
✅ Step #6 - Upsell people from your workshop into a discovery call for 1:1

Within 6 months, you should be booked solid.

You could do it faster if you have more ad spend

How are you getting clients for your coaching business now?

Originally posted by Naval Gupta on LinkedIn